Small projects

Doocrate- Burnerot | Wireframes

An experimental system designed for the use of the Midburn community in order to create an event during Hanukkah called ‘Burnerot’. The system is based on the logic of project management tools but with a sole purpuse of giving the community a way of sharing the responsibilities without having managers or any kind of hierarchy.

Doocrate allows you to create a task- one that you can either assign to yourself or leave it for another member to assign himself. This system is inspired by the TEAL approach for organizations in which the members are independant and the structure of the organization is random. This is the second year we use this platform to create the Burnerot Festival.


GoAmazing- 4up for a travelers community

GoAmazing is a community based hostel project based in India (and a few more places nowadays). They asked for a mobile website where their ‘Piopl’ (their way of saying people) can stay in touch with the project and share more about the people involved so more would join.
The main idea is to create a site where the story of the project and the people can be told continually by the guests of the different hostels in the project. These wireframes are options for the Home page.
Unfortunately this project never passed the stage of these initial drafts.

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